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Hypercortisolism is a complex disease that presents differently in every patient.

Often, patients have a constellation of signs and symptoms that are caused by hypercortisolism, but that are also common in the general population. As a result, there is an overlap in the clinical presentation of individuals with and without the disorder, making it challenging to diagnose.1,2
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Cortisol matters

Cortisol is an important hormone that plays a role in a wide range of bodily functions. Too much cortisol in the body can lead to serious health consequences.2-4

What Is Hypercortisolism?
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Who should be screened?

Signs and symptoms of hypercortisolism present differently in every patient. This makes it important to screen patients if you suspect hypercortisolism.1,2

Screening & Diagnosis
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Importance of early testing

Symptoms of excess cortisol activity get worse over time, making early testing even more important. There are 3 tests that can help identify hypercortisolism.2,5